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The Phoenix Blog

Welcome the Phoenix Blog

The Phoenix has long stood in the heart of the community here on Smith Street, and apart from some cosmetic work here and there, our stunning Victorian building stands true to that which was built and licensed in 1794/5 – making us one of the oldest surviving pubs in Chelsea. With such a rich history, we wanted to find a way to engage with the loyal customers who have frequented our pub over the years, beyond the usual monthly mailers, and regular social updates.

With that in mind, we want to welcome you to the Phoenix blog, a place where our general manager, James, will be sharing updates on what’s on at the Phoenix, important announcements, and general musings with you, our loyal locals!

Winter Edition

The Guinness Six Nations

Here at The Phoenix, we are not a sports pub. Our regulars love the fact that our single TV, tucked away in the corner, is almost always off. We’re not the place where you’ll find a rowdy crowd, a fight to get to the bar, or standing room only. However, there’s an exception to our sports-free haven – the Guinness Six Nations.

As a Young’s Pub, we proudly declare ourselves the pub home of rugby, so during the Six Nations, we break the norm and switch on our little TV in the corner. But fear not, if you’re like us and prefer a more relaxed environment to enjoy the game, The Phoenix is the place for you.

This Six Nations season, let The Phoenix be your unconventional retreat, where you can savor the moments of the game in a setting that defies the typical sports pub stereotype. Because when it comes to enjoying rugby, it’s not just about the match; it’s about the atmosphere, the company, and the experience – all of which you’ll find at The Phoenix.

Calling All Armchair Philosophers

It used to be said there were two types of philosophers, those who believed in knowledge from experience, and those who believed in knowledge deriving only from the purest form -reason. It is the latter who were called “Armchair Philosophers”. Now, I have tried out our new armchairs and so I don’t mind admitting which camp I would very comfortably fit into. Whether it’s whiling the day away with a good book, a glass of something naughty, or a catch up with friends, our new armchairs bring the Hygge feeling this winter!

Okay, I must confess, I really don’t know what that last thing means, but no doubt it trended some years ago. The point is that for me a comfortable chair is the hallmark of a great pub. I like to read when I go to pubs; so, a comfortable chair for me is a prerequisite. Every pub I frequent regularly has a chair that I sit on. Unfortunately, too many pubs these days have chairs that look great and comfortable but are only the former. Often, it is the old faithful, the one that every pub designer wishes to get rid, that does the trick. That’s my chair. And now we have one in The Phoenix, Chelsea – so don’t be surprised if you see some pre-loved chairs at The Phoenix, just remember one is reserved for the landlord!

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